Requirements for Day School

In order to avoid the tuition fee of $150.00 per credit for day school, a student must qualify by meeting the requirements as an alternative school student. These requirements are established by the State of Idaho.

Any three of the following:
1. Has repeated at least one grade.
2. Has absenteeism greater than 10% during the preceding semester/trimester.
3. Has an overall grade point average that is less than 1.5 on a 4.0 scale prior to enrolling in an alternative secondary program.
4. Has failed one or more academic subjects.
5. Is two or more semester credits per year behind the rate required to graduate.
6. Is a limited English proficient student who has not been in a program more than three years.

Or, any one of the following:
1. Has substance abuse behavior
2. Is pregnant or a parent.
3. Is an emancipated youth.
4. Is a previous dropout.
5. Has serious personal, emotional or medical problems.
6. Is a court or agency referral.
7. Upon recommendation of the school district as determined by locally developed criteria for disruptive student behavior.

Please call our office if you have enrollment questions, or stop by between the hours of 8:00 A.M. and 3:30 P.M. Monday through Friday for information and/or registration packets.

Requirements for Night School

$25.00 per credit if eligible for Alternative School status
$75.00 per credit for credit recovery
$150.00 per credit to get ahead


Enrollment Form

Word Document Form (identical to PDF form)

PDF Form (identical to Word form)

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2017/2018 Session Dates

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August 30th – October 20th

Block 2

October 23rd – December 15th

Block 3

January 2nd – February 16th

Block 4

February 20th – April 20th

Block 5

April 23rd – June 8th