The 14 Different Colors of the Australian Labradoodle


Nose pigment to follow pigment requirements of the Solid base colour. Blue merle is a dominant gene and lavender labradoodle only be bred to solid dogs that do not carry blue merle. The colors are usually made of spots of colors. The blue coat colour will develop over lavender labradoodle yrs but lavender labradoodle a developed adult should have an even coat colour. These days you can find the Australian Labradoodle in a number of different and beautiful colours.

Lavender Labradoodle Cara and her puppies

Parchment dogs are born milk chocolate and will develop over time yrs. Sables tend to be born solid but quickly start showing a lightening in flanks that then spreads to other areas with a light undercoat and dark tips. No set pattern is required but symmetrical markings on the head are preferred. Blue tick Australian Labradoodle is another rare color.

A solid, even, rich red color which should have no sprinkling of other colored fibers throughout the coat. Caramel and caramel apricot have the same color as the gold and apricot except they have the rose or brown nose which indicates double recessive for chocolate. Lavender dogs are born Chocolate and can be difficult to distinguish at a young age. This color must be solid black without any other color. These days you can find the Australian Labradoodle in a number of different and beautiful colours. The color is solid and preferably even, preferably without white markings. Your pup should be more chalky than striking white in order to be considered a true chalk white Australian Labradoodle. When happy, relaxed or at play will prance and skim the ground lightly. Must have dark brown eyes; black noses, eye rims and lips; and black or self-coloured nails Red: Pigment should be strong.

The nose is also black. Top line should remain level with strong jalen rose height and level croup. This colour is a creamy beige chocolate colour reminiscent of a cup of coffee with a generous addition of milk. Nose pigment to follow pigment requirements of lavender labradoodle Solid lavender labradoodle colour. This color is a smoky lavender chocolate giving an almost pink to lilac appearance. This colour ranges from a milk lavender labradoodle to silver-beige in colour and will develop over time yrs. The nose is black rare color. Australian Labradoodles come lavender labradoodle many colors of solid and marked or patterns, and several shades of some colors.

Scissor bite only is acceptable, being neither undershot nor overshot. Prev Article Next Article. Dark and rich, born almost Black, they maintain a dark chocolate throughout their lifetime.

May have dark amber to pale hazel-green eyes; liver noses, eye rims and lips; and dark nails. She thought that a dog would be able to get off the plane and go straight home with no quarantine. Cream is an off white color that can vary from a little darker than chalk to a deep creamy color and can also have gold or apricot highlights.

Labradoodle Puppy from 10Wks Old to 1 Year Old

A Red Labradoodle can range in shades of light red to very dark, deep shades of red. This colour should be a dark rich chocolate lavender labradoodle colour. It should not be too thick or fluffy, lavender labradoodle has a soft texture. Set moderately flat against the head, base should be level with the eye.


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