Purple Flower Names - Enlisted With a Beautiful Photo Gallery


So what's your pick on purple this season? Many of the flowers are cleistogamous, meaning they self-pollinate without opening, while others open to reveal four bright pink darkly veined notched petals. This odd looking flower can grow up to 4 feet tall. They have bright yellow centers and rarely grow more than a few inches in wild purple flower.

Wild Purple Banana Flower

Leaf stems end in narrow tendrils. Hi i want to ask u something i found this flower but there is no name of this flower would mind to tell what is the name of this flower? Flowers lavender to white tubular funnels. Torrey's milkvetch Astragalus calycosus. This is also a great flower for attracting the 3 Bs all gardeners love:

Purple Wildflowers of West and Southwest USA

Pennyroyal Mentha pulegium Mint family. Waxflowers need very little care to thrive. Bear river fleabane Erigeron ursinus. Mojave lupine Lupinus odoratus. Beardless sidebells penstemon Penstemon virgatus. Spanish name means "little broom. Hoary tansy aster Machaeranthera canescens. The 2-lipped corolla is pale lilac, pink, or purple; upper lip lighter, with many maroon dots at base. Water speedwell Veronica anagallis-aquatica.

Blue dicks Dichelostemma capitatum. Photographed at Oak Creek. This plant is perfect if you have pet felines. Rocky mountain wild purple flower Iris missouriensis. Ashen milkvetch Astragalus tephrodes. Perennial rockcress Boechera perennans. Rosy gilia Gilia sinuata. Elongated leaves forming a central leaf blade area.

Wild Radish, Leaves Raphanus sativus Mustard family. Cord-root beardtongue Penstemon montanus.

Purple Flowers: Types & Pictures

The seeds were parched and ground into meal, eaten dry or with acorn meal. Satin lupine Lupinus obtusilobus. This small flower grows on huge stalks up to 30 feet tall.

Wild Purple Banana Flower

Pinkish-lavender flower heads small with conspicuous outer bracts. Splendid daisy Erigeron eximius. Bellflowers make a perfect ground cover plant and also do very well in wild purple flower boxes. Known for their single petal bloom, calla lilies are a common cut flower given around Easter.


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