Hawaii Flora


Most come from farms on the Big Island around Hilo. Populating the Islands this way was slow - it is estimated that only one plant every 90, years was added to the Hawaiian landscape. This gives them their brush-like appearance. All parts of this hawaiian flowers plant hawaiian flowers edible, from the starchy root to the spinach-like leaves.


They are very popular among hobbyists and many hybrids have been created. The unusual blooming style opens lip like petals from the top of the flower. Like many palm it does flower and produce a rough fruit.

Hawaiian Flower Buying Guide

Beach Naupaka Scaevola sericea. Some are pink with a peach-like fuzz. Red tower ginger have a more open set of red bracts from which a small yellow flower emerges. Growers and hobbyists continually create new orchid species and varieties. They are pink and white in color and the plant has thick leaves. The 'ohi'a Metrosideros polymorpha is the most abundant endemic tree species in Hawaii. So you can buy Hawaiian flowers with confidence. This is a sturdy vine with firm and shiny leaves. The Hawaiians used the trunk of the tree for boat- or canoe-building.

Our Hawaiian Flower Guide would not be complete without a worldwide favorite, orchids. Unable to adapt to the hawaiian flowers in the surroundings, many endemic plants gradually died and disappeared hawaiian flowers time. In some cases we share the scientific names for tropical hawaiian flowers along with the common or Hawaiian names. Some introduced plant species are fast growing and lead to a crowding out of native and endemic species. Its a girl! is a relative of the wandering jew and the spiderwort plants. The most common color is deep red and they are also found in pink and yellow. The crown flower has blossoms that are used in lei-making. Shrimp Plant Justicia brandegeana. These are called bracts and a small, white flower will emerge from each bract at it matures. The evening primrose can be found on hawaiian flowers the Earth's continents except Antarctica.

Another member of the ginger family is the large torch ginger. It is a mix of brassavola, cattleya and laelia.

The leaves are harvested and used for tropical flower arranging. Most come from farms on the Big Island around Hilo. Cymbidium are often used in wedding bouquets. The hala tree plays an important role in Hawaiian culture.

Gumpaste Plumeria / Frangipanis Tropical Flower Tutorial

The plant produces the first fruit after two years of being planted. Many leaves can be used on their own for decorating or lei making. Costus Ginger Also called Hawaiian flowers Head Ginger this is hawaiian flowers tubular bloom that grows on a medium size shrub. The leaves are broad, long and deep green.


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