Marigold Companions


Companion planting and insect marigold companion planting control Technical report. Cedar because of apple-cedar rust. I happen to be writing a research paper on "companion planting" which is somewhat of an anthropomorphic term. Aphids, [13] [21] spider mites, white flies and potato beetle.

Marigolds, Mycorrhiza & Tomatoes

I keep them well separated and now I get more beans than I know what to do with. Cabbage flies, carrot fly , black flea beetle, cabbage looper, cabbage maggot, repels many bean parasites. I saw 1 thing on squash, but does not say what is companion plants to should be. Thyme, nasturtiums, and onion showed good resistance to cabbage worm, weevil and cabbage looper.

List of companion plants

Alfalfa has demonstrated some allelopathic effects to tomato seedlings [75]. Atriplex, carrot, cucumber, [13] pumpkin, [70] raspberries, squash, sunflower, tomato. Chervil makes radishes hot. Beans, [11] celery, [5] spinach, [39] peas [40]. Cabbage and Cauliflower Plant near: See Alliums entry for more info. Caraway, [16] bush beans, [16] lupin, [16] onions, [13] sage, [13] thyme, [13] borage [13] [21] [16]. When intercropped with tomato, pigweed plants worked also as a physical barrier and promoted reductions in the maximum relative humidity surrounding the canopy, but to a lesser extent than marigold.

Beans, Pole Plant near: The peas and beans provide natural shade for the spinach. The flowers of the parsnip plant left to seed will attract a variety of predatory insects to marigold companion planting garden, they are particularly helpful when left under fruit trees, the predators attacking codling moth and light brown apple moth. Easy Farm to Table Appetizer: Beans, [55] lettuce, [55] squash, [55] sweet potato, peppers [62]. Snails and slugs [35]. Brassicas, [16] Verticillium-susceptible species tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, peppers, melons, okra, mint, bush or bramble marigold companion planting, stone fruits, chrysanthemums, roses [16]. Radishes deter cucumber beetles. See brassicas entry for more info.

Will cross-pollinate easily with cilantro and ruin both. Aphids, [21] spider mites, [21] squash bugs, cabbage looper.

An In-Depth Companion Planting Guide

An example is growing tomatoes near corn or dill. I planted pole beans in the same bed, They would not germinate. For example, both potatoes and tomoatoes are susestiptable to late blight, so they say to keep them apart.

Does Companion Planting Work to Deter Pests?

You can help by expanding it with reliably sourced entries. Any time in between and I grow stunted--but still flavorful--carrots as they compete with marigold companion planting roots of mature tomatoes for space in the soil. My ex called me, I was so surprised, I answered the call and all he said was that he was so sorry for marigold companion planting that happened, that he wanted me to return to him, that he loves me so much.


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