Growing Lavender


This will give the plant shape, ensure good air circulation through the stems, encourage new growth, and prevent the center of the stems from becoming woody, which is a common problem with lavender. The mulch will also protect your lavender when temperatures drop in the winter. Protect the plant from pests and disease.

When to Plant Lavender

BC Brian Carr Jun 7, There are 26 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. If your plant is old, though, too much water or too little sunshine can be a problem. This may encourage your plant to bloom a second time, in the fall.

Purple haze: Alan Titchmarsh tips on growing lavender

SS Sheila Suarez Apr 27, Silica sand offers many benefits: Alan Titchmarsh on growing African lilies. ML Melony Louisiana May 12, SK Susan Kelemen Aug 22, If you want to decorate your house with lavender, place the flowers in a vase, but do not put the roots in water. Lavender prefers sun over shade. Lavender needs slightly alkaline conditions to be its best, which is why you use a bit of lime. I can hardly wait to plant some lavender. Dry the lavender , if desired.

They don't look thrilled today, slightly more yellow. Not Helpful 1 Helpful 4. Not Helpful 1 Helpful 3. It thrives in any poor or moderately fertile soil. Part 3 Quiz True or false: But for now, make sure you enjoy your plants every bit as much as the when is the best time to plant lavender and the butterflies. Do not overwater please! The flowers themselves are small, sometimes bud-like but open and full on others, and they grow up the spiky stems. You should water the lavender plant in the pot you bought it in, at least an hour before planting. Vigorous variety that is highly tolerant of heat and humidity and resistant to common root and foliar diseases.

It needs at least six hours of direct sun each day, more is better. Remove any affected foliage and burn it. The flowers are rich in nectar and as such play an important role in sustaining an ever-threatened bee population.

Lavender is best planted in the spring as the soil is warming up. The spot should also be as sheltered as possible to protect the plant from wind. Just make sure not to over-prune your lavender as this may kill new growth altogether.

Guide To Transplanting Lavender

Then carefully place it in the hole you've prepared, and don't let the roots touch the stone blend you created earlier. The hole should just be deep enough and wide enough to contain the roots when you spread them out. KK Kazia Knight Apr 9,


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