20 More Platforms for Workers in the Gig Economy


Am very new to freelancing. You get 65 to 85 percent of the trip price, gig websites on the gig websites plan you select. OpenAirplane keeps 10 percent of the rental income and 90 percent goes to the owner. Upwork has a sliding scale for billing.

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Email Please enter a valid email. HopSkipDrive is a service for kids that uses carefully vetted drivers with a clean background, five years of experience with childcare and be 23 or older. Task rabbit mostly operates in the physical world matching those with skills with those in need of them. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge for all of us!

1.6 million US workers rely on gig apps and websites for income

Finding clients is very difficult when you are a freelancer, that is until you build your portfolio. If you are looking for a one-off gig, then this type of setup is not exactly conducive to that, but if you are looking for ongoing filler work, then this is the perfect platform for you. According to the Pew Research , some 24 percent of American adults have earned money in the platform or gig economy over the last year. Are you a fashionista with a closet full of designer clothes? Or, you can just see what the listings are for the day from the Freelance Writing platform. The platform generates leads and networks on your behalf so you can discover employment opportunities, grow your network, and form partnerships. Hi Stephanie, As for a resume, I would just give them my portfolio and a write up of my experience. I love how many resources you have for people i. Martin Lindeskog February 9, at 5: Maybe with some information redacted, like my address, birthdate, license number, passport number, etc.

Your email address will not be published. Truly part of the gig economy. Freelancer Photo via Shutterstock. Upwork started out as Elance-oDesk and is a platform that connects businesses with freelance designers and professionals gig websites the globe. Comments Leave a comment Hi Elna! Good luck on landing your first client! So give them your portfolio page on your writer website instead! Meanwhile, as gig websites looks grim for gig gig websites, at least one tech company has listened to its critics:

If you want to earn money from your expertise, you can create your video lesson and post it on Udemy. So give them your portfolio page on your writer website instead! The company claims more than 2.

The 5 Best Freelance Writing Job Boards to Land Your First Gig

Gigbucks works well to find new customers and clients who otherwise might not know what services you offer. While uncertainty, lack of benefits and erratic schedules making up some of the negative aspects. Seems like it could be pretty worthwhile if you really got going on it. Are you a fashionista with a closet full of designer clothes?

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The live doctor visit gig websites assessment, diagnosis and prescriptions if needed. SpareHire has investment bankers, CFOs, strategy consultants, marketing pros, venture capital pros and more. ProBlogger ProBlogger is a free job board and for a lot of gig websites, this job board is considered one of the best out there for free job boards.


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