Flowering Perennials from Spring to Fall


This front-of-the-bed favorite offers a multitude of charms. Maine Cabin Masters 5pm 4c. Mertensia virginica Season of Bloom: Iris Season of Bloom:

Top 5 perennial plants for summer

In hot areas, flower production may slow temporarily. Give this plant a starring role in the middle of the bed. In case you don't have enough time for gardening and nurturing plants, perennial flowers are the ideal choice.

26 Best Perennial Varieties for Your Garden

Sign up for weekly project ideas and advice from experts. The feathery plumes of astilbe rise above fernlike foliage for a month or more in late spring and early summer. These perennial flowers are valued in the garden for its ferny, gray-green or dark green, spicy-scented foliage and showy, flat-topped clusters of flowers in pink, red, white, or yellow appearing from late spring to early fall. The flowers are found in white, lavender, and blue shades. Small varieties reach just 6 inches tall, while larger types can grow to 4 feet. Based on the variety you have planted, they will bloom for a specific season every year. Black-eyed Susan is truly an American icon. The gray-green foliage is pretty, too.

Grandiflora varieties c3 4793p Sunrise' is one popular version produce larger orange-yellow blooms. They make ideal companions with daffodils and other spring-blooming bulbs. Plant in drifts to enjoy the intense color; plus close planting helps avoid staking since these tall plants can flop over. Maine Cabin Masters 1pm 12c. Add russet hues to your fall garden with the lovely flowers of 'Autumn Joy'. Select varieties that match the expected height, flower color, and blooming time. It bears clusters of pale pink-purple flowers that smell like vanilla. Maine Cabin Masters 4pm 3c. Chrysanthemums will come back every year, but they have a tendency to tall flowers that bloom all summer out after a few seasons.

Siberian iris adds color to flowerbeds in early summer, and vertical accents all summer long. Add russet hues to your fall garden with the lovely flowers of 'Autumn Joy'. Maine Cabin Masters 3pm 2c.

A List of Perennial Flowers That Bloom All Summer (With Pictures)

The variety shown here, 'May Night', is both cold-hardy and showy. A lovely North American native prairie grass, switchgrass offers the garden beauty and easy maintenance. Types of Swimming Pools.

What are the Longest Blooming Perennials?

Grow a living privacy fence. The delicate crepe-paper petals and intricate bloom of the iris make it a must-have in mixed flower borders. Commonly called Coneflowers, this genus is known by the tall flowers that bloom all summer Echinacea derived from Greek echino meaning sea urchin. Besides variety, another plus point for growing the daylily plant is its adaptability in a wide range of growing conditions.


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