50 Romantic Things to Say to Your Lover


We are the two that are joined together by God — we are the inseparable two! How strong is your communication with your partner? Julia Hawkinson October 2,

Loving Words: Saying, Messages for Lovers/Husband/Boyfriend and Girlfriend

I hope you can bring these expressions of love into your relationship to bring you even closer together with the man you love. I do not have that wherewithal and yet I have all it takes to inscribe you in the centre of my heart. This journey is worth it.

25 Beautifully Romantic Ways To Say ‘I Love You’

I choose to be wherever your love would go. I love being able to say the same thing without always using the exact same words. Sometimes you have to surround yourself with the type of man that is willing to take the right steps and talk to a woman like this! To talk of dreams, you are the kind that comes true for me. I welcome you into my heart today. The best I can ever find and rely on is you. Please serve me with some way out. Pat Hillyer October 1, , 9: Someone, told me that I love you is understatement. Welcome into my future with you.

The road to a successful relationship might be rocky. I am miss you like badly. Like many others here, I do not like to say it too much. You are all I need. Your love is magical. Mark June 11,1: No matter how the world puts us apart, you will always be in my heart, deep down in my words to express love right thought. You can be truly, deeply in love with a man and have disaster strike:

I promise to make it worth it. Cherie Eads October 1, , 9:

Words to Express Feelings of Love

One million might be put there but all I want is you. I was done chasing shadows when I knew you were the real picture of a helping hand that I need for a life of significance. I prime your heart above them all: Longing to see you.

Sweet Love Messages And Love Words

Ofelia Lott October 9,1: I love you has become so common these days. Listen to him and be fully present in each moment. There are two types of men, realists and romantics, realists get lots of girls, romantics get words to express love girl and that girl is the only one he needs.


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