The Gift Hydrangea - What To Do With It


Beth, is a "hydrangea afficionado" from Roanoke, VA. The foil wrapped hydrangea has usually been grown for a one-time, spectacular show. I fertilize and water them often. I have planted many hydrangea care indoor wrapped hydrangeas outdoors, either in a pot or in the ground.

Fall Hydrangea Care

Temperature requirements When actively blooming, they will remain in the best condition if kept cool, around degrees. Keep hydrangeas in average to high humidity. Understandably, many became thank-you gifts to moms on Sunday.

Hydrangeas for Indoors

Stop pinching back shoots in late summer. In addition, the hydrangeas chosen for this purpose are grown entirely in a greenhouse and may not be winter hardy in the areas in which they are purchased. Care Guides and Expert Advice. Blue hydrangeas need acidic soil pH 5. Many people discard their hydrangeas after the flowers initially fade, but with the proper care, the plant will bloom again. Press down gently on the soil to settle it and remove air pockets. This can take a while. Large areas on the leaves look black Plant kept too cold. You may ask, "If the area I live in is not warm enough to grow hydrangeas outdoors, can I grow them indoors like a houseplant?

But during the day, a hydrangea is going to need more light. Growing hydrangeas indoors in a home setting is not very hydrangea care indoor for a number of reasons. Dip the pot completely under till the root-ball is completely saturated with water, let it drip for a little while and then let the plant recover in a cool spot. For pink blooms, use an alkaline fertilizer. Unauthorized duplication or publication of hydrangea care indoor materials is prohibited. Indoor Rabbit Foot Fern care tips. Plants to warm up winter By Gene Bush. Melissa King began writing in Keep hydrangeas in average to high humidity.

This can take a while. Even though it is not an ideal solution, if one lives in an apartment or in an area where hydrangeas cannot survive, it's possible to grow them indoors under certain conditions:

How to Get Potted Hydrangeas to Rebloom

Change your hydrangea's flowers pink by growing it in neutral soil. Keep them away from drafts and heat sources. They have come together as one bush and bloom in a variety of shades from deep violet to almost magenta. Protect the plant from light frost by covering or moving it inside temporarily so that it can stay out a few weeks longer.

How to Care for a Potted Hydrangea Plant

She says that the plants "have flourished, and each summer I am pleasantly reminded of how hydrangea care indoor my Mother-in-law would enjoy the sight of them. Put the plant in a spot with not too dry soil or place it in a good-size pot on your terrace or balcony. If only a few leaves are affected, prune them out. The number of blooms I've had on hydrangea care indoor of these plants put together can be counted on two hands.


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