How to Remove Rotted Orchid Roots


It all depends how orchid root rot and how healthy it is. I water my orchids once a week or less and never when the roots are green. Fill the container to 1 inch below its rim with additional potting mix.

How to save a Phalaenopsis orchid with no (or with few) roots plus cutting the stem

Also I wonder what strength is required. Hannah, Thank you so much for this amazing blog! This essentially would be a dessication case.

How to Remove Rotted Orchid Roots

Hi Hannah, I just spent the last few hours pursuing your website in hope that I could answer my own question, but think this calls for a more professional hand. As far as blooms go. Fill the container full of lukewarm water. I have let them dry out but even without watering I noticed some of the roots are black and showing signs of rot. Is that strong enough?. The petals look like mechanical damage - overwatering results in wilted flowers, not bruised and holey flowers. The good news is that you caught this problem early on. In this case, the only remaining roots were the surface roots. Wetting any existing thoroughly will help them be more flexible.

Saadia February 6, 2: Every one of the 6 orchids that did not survive had bits of foam rubber clinging to squelchy, rotted roots. They are in bloom right now but some flowers are starting to fall so I am wondering if I should wait until the flowers fall off in a few weeks to repot or orchid root rot I should just go ahead and repot now while in bloom. Spray orchid root rot orchid's roots with a fungicide. Photo provided by Dr merrill magnolia. Were they overwatered or placed in a pot without a drainage hole? Hello Hannah, Thank you very much for your answer! Otherwise it is thriving. Dip the shears' blades in the bleach solution orchid root rot 20 to 30 seconds to kill any clinging pathogens. I would repot it when you naturally repot unless you see it getting really bad.

I am so sorry again that this happened to you,. In either case, you can remove them or not, they shouldn't cause any harm to your plant. With more than genera in the family Orchidaceae, gardeners have a plethora of orchid varieties to choose from.

Orchid Health: Rot

Dust cut surfaces with cinnamon or sulfur. If not we can try to figure it out here. Where was it placed in your home? BigBill Apr 13, 3:

My Orchid has no roots, should I throw it?

If you have a picture you can send it to myfirstorchid gmail. Hi, I would love to help. I cut the spike way down and removed the yellow leaves that were falling off anyway.


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