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May 04, Ova - Excuse My Reading rated it liked it. It is never easy to go from the safety of the hospital environment back into the world, where one must live a What a beautifully written semi-autobiographical story of the struggle of a young girl attempting to refocus her energies on the real world, making the transition from flower delivery korea mentally ill and being mentally well, as well as the stigma placed on those who have psychiatric diagnoses. As a child, she suffered from a urinary tumor, and although she is cured, the "tumor" still stabs within her, causing unbearable pain. Its emotionless, its i never promised you a rose garden book, it leaves absolutely no impression on you at all, its flat, its neither sad nor happy nor tragic or fulfilling.

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She is complex and has her own story, her own sadness, and her own trials. In those I read this book in my early twenties and don't remember much about it than its haunting descriptions of the fantasy world of the schizophrenic protagonist. Having studied neuroscience since I first read this book, I am extremely interested in how, given all the difficulties with the meds for this disorder, Greenberg was able to get well and get off the drugs that most people cannot free themselves from lest they have a terrible relapse.

In their turmoil and love we see that it's not their fault that Deborah began to suffer. They're truly loving, which is proof that mental illness can occur to those with even the best family life this is the case of me, also. The protagonist let's call her Anna , who is schizo First off, I'll ask you now, judging by the title what did YOU expect? Our ratings are based on child development best practices. Common Sense Media, a nonprofit organization, earns a small affiliate fee from Amazon or iTunes when you use our links to make a purchase. Let's use Deborah as our example. Every time I remembered, it was jarring in a way. Views Read Edit View history.

Even at the end, Deborah returns to the mental hospital to take a breather, and realizes what her presence feels like to the other women on the ward like the work is impossible. From the side characters to the main. Reading this story reinforced my committment to never lie to my child. I read it in high school and it was one of those books that was so bad I couldn't pry myself from it. As a novel, it feels Disneyfied somehow and not in a Frozen -good way. It is never easy to go from the safety of the hospital environment back into the world, where one must live a productive life and move on from that point; it seems easy, at times, to give up, but I saw the triumph of the writer as she became successful in life. Movie was horrible though. I never promised you a rose garden book can be violent, abusive, and full of self-loathing. But things started to change. I think the friendship she built at the time gave her a reason to focus on the real world and it helped with her recovery.

I don't even think it matters where you stand on the meds vs. Here's the possible tale that ran through my mind.

She just randomly spits out German whenever and whatever. Small book, but enough to provide you with insight The protagonist let's call her Anna , who is schizophrenic, is forced to cooperate with a therapist who's become sort of over the years a jaded woman, tired of this world as much as she is except that she doesn't have what Anna calls her fantasy escape not an accurate portrayal of schizophrenia, but this novel ain't no expert either.

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Jun 03, Rachel rated it liked it. Sometimes, the actions and dialogue aren't perfectly clear, but that's part of the disorienting nature of writing a narrative that mimics the thoughts of a person with mental illness. I appreciate that after reading this book, I understand schizophrenia much better than I ever did, the reasons for it, the way that the patient herself feels, the pain that she suffers when being forced to interact with the world, and the trials she endures in the hospitals and in her own mind.


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